How do I create a gift registry?

We know that choosing items to help in times of need is a very personal journey so we like to tailor each registry to suit the person looking for an extra helping hand.
Creating a gift registry for yourself or on behalf of a friend is easy.
1. Head to the Gift Registry page on
2. Choose “Create a Gift Registry”
3. Fill out the form and let us know which items you would like added to the registry. If you’re not sure or it’s too overwhelming, no problem. Leave the form blank when you send it through to us.
4. Let us know the situation you are finding challenging at the moment.
5. We will then get in touch with you to help curate your own personalised gift registry.
6. Once the registry is complete, we will send you the link and you can share it with all your family and friends who would love to help.

I’d really like to create a registry but I have no idea what I need or would like help with.

No problem. We understand challenging situations are never easy to navigate and that’s why we’re here to help. Just fill in the “create a gift registry” form as best you can and let us do the rest. We will pre-curate a list suitable for your needs and then present it to you for approval. Then all you need to do is share it with your friends.

Can I make changes to a gift registry?

Yes. You may add or delete items on a registry. Head to “Manage a Registry” and let us know the changes you’d like to make. Then sit back and our team will manage the changes for you.

How do I share a registry with family and friends?

The easiest way to share a registry is to copy the url at the top of the page eg and then paste it into a message or onto your socials page. It will then load and you can share with others. Or share the page directly from your mobile device to a message, Whatsapp group, Messenger group and really, any other option you can think of! The more help, the merrier.

I’m trying to find a registry to purchase a gift

Great! If you’d like to help a friend and purchase from a registry, head to “Find a Registry”. Search for the name of the person you’d like to help and open up the page to their registry.

How will I know if the item/service has been purchased already?

Well, we think you can never have too many washing vouchers. But as our registries are curated on a personal level, we’re more than happy to help. If you’d like to know whether an item has been purchased, please send an email to and be sure to let us know the name of registry you are enquiring about and the item listed.

More Questions

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