When our founder, Jacqui Bloom, lived through her own grief and loss, she experienced, first-hand, the way capable people still needed extra support to get them through the ongoing challenge of dealing with the everyday.

In 2005 Jacqui’s family endured the tragic loss of her young brother-in-law Rob, at the age of 37. Leaving her sister to manage the care and support of their four beautiful grieving children, while also dealing with her own personal stress of losing her husband.

Less than 12 months after Rob’s passing, the unthinkable struck again and her beautiful mother, Evelyn was diagnosed with Cancer.

“With a 6 month old baby, a 2 year old toddler, a family business, and a mum dying of cancer, I just needed help. ‘How can I help’ was the most common question and yet there was so little I could ask for without imposing on anybody.”


Following the devastation of her mum’s passing, Jacqui was inspired to find an easier way to help people help themselves and others in need – as well as making ways to celebrate life’s happiest occasions more meaningful and memorable.

Jacqui utilised her formal qualifications in Business Management and Marketing, together with her experience in Personal and Palliative Care, and invested hours of research and care to source the most meaningful ways gift-giving could do more to really make a difference. By creating an easy, online hub of support and gift-giving convenience that helps celebrate life’s wonderful moments and provides support through the difficult times, The Helping Hub was born…

“If The Helping Hub had been around when I needed extra help and support, it would have made such a difference. And not just to me and my family – I know my friends would have found it so gratifying to know that they were contributing in a meaningful way.”





The very core of The Helping Hub is to create a global circular economy of gift giving whereby helping one, in turn helps many.


Life is a journey full of wonderment, excitement, sadness, grief, kindness, despair, love, and the list goes on. The Helping Hub has been born out of adversity so we understand that we all travel this journey together yet alone. Riding the waves together, in tandem is at the heart and core of all that we do.


We all have a story to tell. That’s what makes us unique. Our stories, our journey. The Helping Hub recognises that life’s precious moments are encapsulated by stories. Stories bring people around a camp fire, they embody a warm hug and a blanket. A story can be shared with a picture, a video, a written word, a spoken verse, and they all have one thing in common, they share who we are as individuals. Your story, your way, your life, is what creates your piece of this world. We’re here to share just that.


The Helping Hub is brave and honest in its approach and realistic about its ability to impact people’s lives in small but meaningful ways. We can’t do this alone. It is together with our respected team, our partners who align with our values, and our customers who share their stories, that we can truly make a difference and create a helpful economy where the gift just keeps on giving. We are firm with the belief that gift giving is so much more than a two-way transaction and passionate about creating a community where values align, social and environmental ethics are adhered to and businesses thrive together.